Shine Kitchen Co. Autopour - Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine (Triple)

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Shine Kitchen Co. Autopour: Automatic Pour Over Coffee

Perfect Pour-over Every Time - The Autopour will take the guesswork out of the pour-over process by automating the key function of equally dispersing hot, temperature controlled water over freshly ground beans

Integrated Thermometer - The integrated thermometer allows you to easily ensure the water poured into the auto-pour is the perfect temperature before beginning the brewing process

Waterflow Rate Control - Easily adjust the waterflow rate for each unique roast you serve

Rotation Speed Control - Calibrate the speed of the rotation to optimize the perfect cup for each serving

Light Indicator - The LED indicator will turn on when machine is in operation for easy observation in busy cafe and restaurant spaces

Efficient Operations - Save on your barista labor hours by allowing one team member to easily manage multiple pour over servings at one time

Easy Training - The ease of the Autopour allows you to easily train your team and keeps product quality consistent even with a rotating staff

Simple Cleaning - The Autopour has been designed for easy cleaning with removable glass and stainless steel food grade parts

Affordable Upkeep - Keep your coffee equipment in perfect condition
even when serving large volumes of pour over coffee with