Snowpop Flavored Snow Counter-Top Machine (PS-CR255WT)

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"Create Limitless Selections of Flavored Snow In a Matter of Seconds!"

 Snowpop Counter-Top Soft Snow Machine is one of a kind in the way that it easily produces delicious, flavorful, soft snow straight to serve.  It eliminates the freezing, handling of bulky flavored ice blocks and the conventional shaving process altogether.

The Snowpop works with a wide range of base liquid, including juice, water, soda, alcohol, milk, and even yogurt to create sensational flavored ice of snow-like consistency and texture that delightfully melts in your mouth.

The Snowpop is design to hold two(2) light yet generously sized liquid reservoir containers to feed liquid base directly into the machine without manual preparation . A simple touch of a button starts the machine, creating the snow with flavors of your choice in just a matter of seconds.

The Snowpop also features adjustable drum speed settings to control the texture of snow based on liquid types and user preference.

Create a variety of unique recipes by adding creative toppings and syrups. Keeping multiple reservoir containers of different liquids allows effortless change of snow flavors.

The Snowpop is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, requiring only rinsing and sanitizing the freezing drum mechanism, removable liquid freezing tray, and the reservoir containers.

With The Snowpop, you can reduce the preparation time to a mere fraction of what a traditional ice shaver required.

The Snowpop is sure to make any business distinctive by creating limitless selections of flavored snow recipes with just a single, simple machine.

  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Unlimited recipes with toppings & flavor combinations
  • Handles virtually all type of liquid
  • Creates beautiful soft snow texture and consistency
  • Easily switch flavors with multiple reservoir containers.
  • Adjustable drum speed settings
  • Makes business distinctive and unique
  • Customers will always leave satisfied and happy