Cancan Automatic Orange Juicer

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Designed to squeeze oranges, mandarins and lemons in public spaces on display like restaurants, cafes, kiosks and schools. The stainless steel fruit basket has 2.5lbs capacity and the feeding wire can hold and additional 6-8 orange for continuous feed ability. Makes 16 oz of juice in 3-4 minutes.


Easily Cleanable Stainless Steel Strainer - All stainless steel strainer where you can clean the fruit pulp easily that is accumulated on the strainer by pulling it right or left with one single movement

Cooling System - Cooler Tank with a bottom cooling system that cools the juice equally until the last drop and with a juice storage capacity of 7 liters

Draining Pipe Tube - The accumulated fruit juice is discharged from the machine by the draining pipe tube to prevent damage to the machine

Large Feeding Wire - Diameter of 10cm side feeding wire

Rotating Disk - A system that makes the oranges falling into the feeding wire one by one by rotating the oranges

Self Service System - System that starts the squeezing process when tap is pressed and stops when tap is released with the self service sensor tap made of 304 stainless steel 

Front Cover with a Safety Switch - System that prevents operating of the machine while the front cover is open thanks to the safety switch, located on the front cover made of durable polycarbonate

Large Volume Trash Can - Fruit Peel Storage reservoir with up to 70 kg capacity

Double Trash Can - Double Trash