Cancan Hydraulic Pomegranate Press

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The hydraulic cold press pomegranate juicer is a small counter-top solution which can accommodate a variety of fruits in a single press. It is practical and easy to clean, without any bulky bags or shredding blades. Simply place cut fruits into the hydraulic press and run the 8 second fast press system to extract the juice directly into the serving cup.


Cold Hydraulic Press Technology - Allows you to simply squeeze a variety of fruits in 8 seconds in an all stainless steel press. Juice lime, pomegranate, lemon, orange and grapefruit all at the same time, or press just pomegranate for a nutritious beverage add on to any juice menu.

Pulp Free with Double Strainer - For a fine juice use the double strainer for easy pulp free juice, or for beverages with more texture remove one strainer.

Safety Features - For safe operations in a busy restaurant space the hydraulic press will not engage unless the cover is completely closed and latched into place.

Fast Operations - Easily prepare the next juice order using the included spare strainer. Rinse strainers between use for a simple flow of operations.

Top Storage and Display - Display 2.5 lbs of fresh fruits ready to be juiced in the top storage display of the machine.

Compact Design - This machine comfortably fits on standard restaurant countertops and is only 11.8 inches wide and 25.6 inches tall making it an easy add in to any existing build out.