Cancan Light Duty Manual Fruit Juicer

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This light duty machine features a small base and a small press area of 4 inches in diameter. This machine is designed for small projects and mobile applications.

Quick and Easy Operations - The ergonomically designed arm of each press applies 200 lbs of press force to your fruits. This operation
allows you to extract the optimal volume of juice from each fruit you juice in 2 simple turns of the arm

Compact Design - Each press takes up minimal counter top space and can easily be moved during juicing sessions as desired

Juice to Order - Easily juice right into a serving cup or into a carafe for made to order citrus and pomegranate juice

Improved Strainer - The stainless steel construction of the custom designed strainer allows for optimal juice to run through to your cup
while at the same time keeping the maximum amount of pulp out of the juice. This special design also eliminates the sticking commonly
associated with manual juice presses

Anti-slip Protection - The base of the machine is outfitted with anti-slip grips to prevent the machine from toppling during use